Copper Line

Kid's Anti-Microbial Copper Line Masks



LMNtal is the exclusive U.S. supplier for Copper Line Masks - high quality, antibacterial masks that do not divert supplies from our front line healthcare workers.

Why do we have these masks?  Because they are tested by TTRI and KATRI to give us a little bit more comfort about what we are wearing.


  • Patented, high-tech mask made of 6 protective layers – 3 antimicrobial copper layers and 3 HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter layers, anti-bacterial, UV-protective, and anti-static
  • 99.9% anti-bacterial (effective at killing bacteria)
  • With disposable filter (please note mask must be worn properly and must fit well):  99.9% Virus Filtration Efficiency and 99.6% effective at filtering 0.1 micron particles according to TTRI test results. (Please note mask comes with one disposable filter. Refills are not available at the moment - please check back soon)
  • Without disposable filter  (please note mask must be worn properly and must fit well): 71-79.9% Virus Filtration Efficiency for 0.1 - 0.5 micron particles according to TTRI test results
  • Eco-friendly: non-UV colors, non-bleached, and certified clean system production
  • Comfortable and well-fitting, with nose-pad and additional room below the tip of the nose to the chin to allow for better air flow.
  • Washable and reusable: hand wash with lukewarm water (30°C / 86°F or below) using neutral detergent (such as Wool Shampoo).  Do not use bleach.  Shake off water and air dry!
  • Disposable filter: the Copper Line disposable filter is a high grade HEPA filter. As with all melt blown non-woven filters like HEPA, it can ideally be used for 3-5 days.  However, you should not exceed 4 hours per single period of continual use. The filter is not washable and can only be reused if it is kept clean and dry and applied on with clean hygienic hands.  Respiratory moisture can cause the filter to be damp and soggy and render the filtration ineffective. 

Price: This is the global retail price set by the supplier.


By placing this order, customer acknowledges that LMNtal, Inc. is not a medical product manufacturer and that LMNtal, Inc. has made no representations or warranties as to effectiveness of this product or its suitability for use. These products have not undergone testing by LMNtal, Inc. NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, HAS BEEN MADE BY LMNtal, Inc. CONCERNING THE PRODUCTS.

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