Our modern healthcare system and brave healthcare workers are sadly overworked and undersupplied, and there is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates people are not doing enough to keep themselves and those around them safe and healthy. This just simply shouldn’t be the case.

LMNtal is here to help. 

We started LMNtal so people can quickly and easily obtain high quality and safe personal protective equipment (PPE). We’ve all spent hours searching online for masks, hand sanitizer and other PPE only to come up empty handed or run into sketchy looking ineffective products.

We’re taking the first step to making PPE more accessible and in being radically transparent about our products. We believe our customers have a right to know what their PPE is made out of and how to use it. 

LMNtal is about safety. You should feel and be safe all the time. Our goal is to make that easy and hopefully bring some levity to you during life's crazy times.


Puppy in mask